Today was an exciting and jam-packed day for us as we started the first of three days of educational seminars for local nursing students. This morning, Sailo, the administrator of Project India, invited us to host 20 students from the Women’s Mission Hospital in Narasapur. Sailo is a man with an incredible servant’s heart who works 24/7 to ensure the ministry is in order. Our team put on a presentation about pregnancy, labor and delivery which was followed by a skit demonstrating a normal delivery. While some of the students had already seen several deliveries, some of the students had never seen a birth, so they were excited to see the demonstration. The seminar was translated by the wonderful and very intelligent Dr. Anusha. This ministry is full of great friends and brothers and sisters in Christ who are dedicated to service for the Lord. After the seminar, we were able to spend some time chatting with the students. The students said they really enjoyed our presentation and expressed learning much from it! We felt privileged to share with such wonderful students! Subamma’s hospital is joined with other Christian hospitals that strive to further God’s kingdom. Our team came to not only serve and minister, but also consolidate several other mission hospitals to work together.

Later this afternoon, we had the incredible opportunity to witness a Caesarean section birth, performed by Doctor Veera raju. He is a phenomenal and well-experienced physician who is also the medical superintendent of Subamma Christian hospital.  He was extremely welcoming to our team as he invited us into the theater. He began the surgery by kindly inviting Rachel in the operating room to pray over the patient before her surgery.

After the sweet baby boy was delivered, a few of us stayed with the surgeon to watch him complete the surgery, while a couple of us went out with the baby to watch the nurse perform newborn care. Once the baby was in the warmer, Truly and Alison were able to perform a newborn assessment. He was a healthy full-term baby, weighing in at 2.7kg (6lbs). After bringing the little fellow out to the family, they treated us to cookies and soda. We felt so honored to share in that very special moment in their lives. We pray for the Lord’s blessing over their precious new gift and over their lives!

After that, we had a blast playing volleyball and soccer with Dr. Harinder, Dr. Mohammed, and Michael, a few men who are on staff at Subbamma Hospital. It was a great chance to unwind before the next two days of nursing seminars!