As we woke up to another day of medical camps and teacher’s conferences, the whole house of people were delighted to look out on a gray sky. We were thankful for the clouds softening the unrelenting heat of the sun that we have become so accustomed to. After breakfast and gathering together to sing hymns and read God’s Word, we gathered our supplies for today’s medical camp. We served a little farther from the where we stay today than normal, in a village closer to the beach where many fisherman live. We were thankful at the end of our medical camp to find that we had served a total of 70 people; we desire to provide medical care to as many people as we can.
But more important than large numbers is the individuals we serve. I have been reminded this week of the verse in Galatians 6:9 that reads, “Let us not grow weary in doing good.” Such a simple yet profound statement that reminds us to be present in each moment the Lord provides. One of these moments came today, as we were praying for a woman who had been dealing with a lot of pain. As we prayed for her, she began to cry. Afterwards, she grabbed our hands and looked into our eyes, expressing a type of gratitude that crashes through any language barrier.  It was in that moment that the verse in Galatians became so real, as I was reminded of why we are doing good: so that the Lord may touch hearts just as He did this woman’s.
Each medical camp is different, and while the one we held today was smaller than others we have done, it was each individual person we served that made every moment worth it. Whether we serve 5 or 500 people in one medical camp, it is not simply the numbers we strive for. We desire to be used as vessels to minister to whoever the Lord desires. And that is why we cannot grow weary in doing the good that the Lord has assigned for us.