Every year, the teachers of Riverside School take the community by storm—canvassing the surrounding areas to advertise Riverside School and connect with the families of current students. We went into many different communities, parading up and down the street, sitting in homes, drinking soda from a small vendor, all in an effort to promote Riverside. The many different lifestyles we encountered fascinated and intrigued us. Sometimes, it is difficult to reconcile the two very different worlds that America and India seem to exist in. None-the-less, India continues to enchant. The radical generosity of the people here still takes my breath away.
After lunch, Solomon Sir gave a presentation on the principles of Hinduism—even showing us a short clip on the significance of rivers and worship to billions of people here. Many of the inner workings of Hinduism remain a mystery, but we are grateful for Solomon’s expertise and background knowledge. The information imparted to us certainly enhanced our trip to the Hindu temple.
Thanks to Michael’s connections, we climbed 112 steps to the top of a lighthouse over looking the Bay of Bengal. The cooling, salty breeze, good company, and seemingly endless skyline refreshed many of our sweaty, hot selves. We then spent some time on the beach, splashing in the water, chasing down red crabs, and playing volleyball.
Sandy and wet, we piled back into the van to make it to our final destination for the afternoon—the Temple. Going in was a conflicting experience for many involved. This temple is the oldest in the area with thousands coming to worship annually. While it was an educational experience, singing hymns and worship songs on the ride home soothed us in a special way.
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Soaking up our final moments here,
Leo, Katie and the Team