Today 160 kids showed up to a beautiful church in the village of Adalapalam. Their shouts of joy filled the entire church as we began our program for the fourth day. The church and the staff were incredibly helpful—this was the most organized and well run VBS we have had so far. The children were all friendly, asking to take a lot of pictures of us. Having such a large group to work with was so much fun for us all—we are sad that only two days of VBS are left. Jeremy was also able to pray over the brand new generator that the church had bought, which was a great honor. At the end of the VBS we were taught the song, “Thank You Jesus” in Telegu, and at the end of the day this is what we are singing still.

Pastor Gerry had a great time of fellowship with the 30 pastors on campus today for the second day of the pastor’s conference. They were able to tackle some tough issues and hear very personal stories from the pastors about their struggles in ministry. Today, the conversation centered on how both women and men are able to lead within the church. As Solomon Sir and Pastor Gerry pointed out, Eve comes from within Adam and is a part of him– both, together, are needed to be complete. They also noted the many times in the Old and New Testament that God raised up and appointed women as leaders in the church. Due to the cultural separation of men and women in India, this topic raised many difficult, yet productive conversations.

Pastor Kay has been hosting the second day of the Pastor’s wives conference. Today, Karly was able to share her testimony at the pastor’s wives conference, which was an incredible opportunity. We are praying that God is working in the hearts of these women through Karly sharing her story. Although there is a language barrier, the conversations and dialogue the women have been having are powerful. Prayers have had to be cut off because of the eagerness to bring their cares to the foot of the cross.

Both Pastor Gerry and Pastor Kay are preparing to combine the two conferences tomorrow for a discussion on both of their issues with both parties combined. Please be praying for this next day of the conferences as they will be touching on sensitive subjects, and have been working hard to handle them with grace and truth.

About mid-afternoon, right around tea time, with open hearts and Telegu greetings, we welcomed the Simpson team into our home here in India. After 54 hours of travel, they tirelessly put up with bonding games and conversation. It has been exciting to welcome them here, and we can already see the joy and energy that they are bringing to Mori. Pray for rest and rejuvenation as they prepare for VBS and their upcoming nursing tasks with the hospital staff.


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Grateful for beautiful days,

Leo, Katie, and the Team.