Medical Ministry

Affordable, accessible healthcare for Mori village community.


Subbamma Mission Hospital cares for the hurting.

Subbamma Mission Hospital opened its doors in 2004, in memory of S. Darwin’s grandmother. In her lifetime, Subbamma served as the village midwife and started an orphanage to help destitute women and children. She also established a feeding program for the poor through the church her husband founded. The hospital continues this legacy by caring for peoples’ physical needs.


Medical missionary work was one of the founding ministries of Subbamma among the untouchables. Subbamma Mission Hospital was a generous donation of Vision for All, Switzerland. The work continues under the able leadership of Dr. Veera Raju. Our vision here is to offer hope and compassionate care to those who are hurting in the local villages and distant extremities where few medical services are available. The main services provided are dental care and gynecology/obstetrics.

Community Outreach

We commission annual medical camps to serve local communities which do not have access to regular health care. Nurses from Simpson University and physicians from Care Hospital provide check-ups, screenings, consultation, and medicine to individuals in need.