On Monday, we provided medical care to a rural village, Chintalamori. The camp was located at a Christian Church and we provided care to approximately 70 patients. The Lord was evident in this camp through the patients we saw. It was incredible to see the joy of the patients as we assessed them, prayed for them and provided medications. One patient was a middle-aged woman who was deaf and non-verbal, and communicated with signs and facial expressions. Despite her limitations in communications, we were still able to effectively provide care and share the gospel. She was beaming with gratitude when we provided her with a brand new Bible.

In the afternoon we returned to Riverside School and provided a second medical camp for the wonderful staff. The campus staff works very hard despite any physical ailments. It was a blessing to serve the ones who are hosting us and taking care of us daily. Although this was a long day, we are truly blessed to have the opportunity to serve the people of India.

On Tuesday, we had the unique opportunity to visit KIMS Hospital and attend a political event for the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. We were able to tour the hospital and see their brand new catheter lab. It was amazing to see contrast between being out in the village and being in the hospital. After our tour we were provided with a warm welcome, VIP passes and VERY spicy food.

My team and I have been beyond blessed through this experience and are excited for what the week holds as we continue our medical camps.