Jisna George,
Lower Kindergarten


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My name is Pushpa Maity. This my 15th year teaching; 4 years at Riverside. I love the children in my Lower Kindergarten classroom and I love teaching them. Sometimes it gets hard because I have 54 students, which is also great because it means that Riverside is growing as a school. I think it’s God’s plan for me to be at Riverside. I am so happy to sing, play & dance with children. I also like to spend my time and go on walks with my students. Please pray for my students and for my future at Riverside School.

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Little Boy in a Big World

Little Boy in a Big World

   Moajesh is a new student in Lower Kindergarten. As the smallest boy in the class, he cries almost every day. As soon as the morning assembly ends, he can be seen collecting his backpack and charging for the door, screaming for his mom. His teacher and...

Exalted of the Lord

       Jeremiah means exalted of the Lord, but for a time in his early life, little Jeremiah of Lower Kindergarten was brought very low. After experiencing the voice of God telling him to name the baby Jeremiah, Riverside Campus Pastor John Prakash thought his...

Three Stars in LKG

Three Stars in LKG

To our sponsor,   Akshaya,  Rajeena and Kranthi Kumari are stars in LKG Even though these three are from different families, they live like they are from the same family. They do everything in union. In one sense, the entire class is under their surveillance. As their...

So many precious souls!

So many precious souls!

The 2014-2015 academic year brought an astounding 59 little kids to Lower Kindergarten, so Ms. Pushpa certainly has her hands full. Their classroom is a different world for them, brightly decorated with "The Fruits of the Spirit." Even though it is crowded, each...

Greetings from Dr. Praveen Geddam, Dental Surgeon, Subbamma Mission Hospital

“The Lord is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear.

 The Lord is my strength of my life of whom shall I be afraid. Psalms 27:1

The above verse from Psalms is the testimony of my life .    It’s a great pleasure for me to share a few words regarding me and my family.

First of all I want to thank God Almighty, family friends and Darwin Sir for giving me this opportunity to share .

I was born in Christian family in Sakhinetipalli village near to Mori. I had my education in Christian schools like J. Sikle School across Mori and later at Riverside School where I learned more about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am proud to say I am a student of Riverside school. This is the place where I learned about Christian values that did not depart from me till now.  Though my parents worked in Arab countries for earning their lively hood they worked hard to give me and my sisters good education.

    Though all my higher education was in secular schools and colleges, I never deviated from my principles in Christianity due to my good foundation at Riverside.

    After completion of my Dental School, I ran into Dr. Sungti and his wife Dr. Nadia in Vijayawada. They were both serving as resident missionary doctors at Subbamma Mission Hospital at that time. They came to Vijayawada City, now the capital of Andhra, in search of a dentist. They happen to come to my friend’s clinics to enquire. As I was interning there, I introduced myself as a former Riverside Student and new the campus very well. Dr. Sungti asked me to come and join in Subbamma Mission Hospital, which I gladly accepted. This was the major turn in my life because until then I had no goals or ambition how to get settled in life. On May 20 ,2012, I entered Subbamma Mission Hospital premises on seeing the campus and the work done here by Drs. Sungti and Nadia. I felt their love for Jesus and I realized that God had created me for this purpose to help the needful. It was at this time I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior ant this brought new changes in my life and in making good decisions for my life prompted by God.

While working at Subbamma Hospital,  I got married to Aksha who is good believer in Christ and we are blessed with two kids, a boy and a girl). My wife Aksha is from Hindu family but later got converted and accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior and Lord sometime during her childhood. Now, she is a strong believer and leads her college Friends and junior doctor s in regular daily prayers and giving them good moral support. We are having good life with our own clinics named AKSHA HOSPITALS creating smiles for people in our own practice nearby village. We are happy to extend our services here at Subbamma Hospital as well. 

In my life I faced lots of up and downs and lots of crisis which I couldn’t handle investing money in some failure projects but God didn’t let me down he has risen me back to good position. My God is a  Living God who knows all my problems even before we face them.

After Dr. Veeraju retired from Subbamma Hospital, I got to know Mr. Kishore, our Riverside school Principal that there is a real need here and he invited me back to run the hospital. I also, brought in my friend Dr. Sudhakar Nakka, now the medical superintend of the Subbamma Hospital. I feeling privileged to run Subbamma Mission Hospital so that we can serve the Lord here.

We are all looking forward to hosting the Summer Medical Team from Simpson University shortly.

Drs. Praveen Aksha Gaddam