Riverside is more than a school, and we exist make the Lord’s name known. We strive not only to develop excellent students, but to make disciples of our students. During the three-day annual Teacher’s Conference, this is the message that we gave to our teachers. Our theme of the conference was, “More Than A School,” and we highlighted our school’s motto, “Love God, Love People.”


Matt Sanders challenged the staff to view Riverside School with a “Kingdom Perspective,” meaning that we should view our students the way God sees them. They are not just a mind to be filled with knowledge and information, but a soul that needs to be nurtured and loved. Pastor’s Gerry and Kay spoke on the power and promises of scripture, and commissioned the teachers and American team upon the closing of the conference. Annela and Carly each spoke on practical ways for us to implement our commission of building community with the students through empathy and prayer.

The American team and Indian staff gained a sense of unity through team-building activities, prayer, and worship. The teachers were eager to learn, and are motivated to do meaningful work in the classroom. God has blessed Riverside with a strong teaching staff for the 2017-2018 school year.