Mounika and Raju are siblings, and among the more prominent figures in the last 10th grade batch. They have lived on the Riverside campus since they were 8 and 7 years old, respectively. Now in 11th grade, Raju is even called “Riverside” at his new school because of his excellent English. Nearly decade ago, their mother, Saradha, attended a church service where she heard about Project India Compassion Trust and its mission functions. In desperate need of a job, she and her children found their refuge in the Lord by joining Project India.
Mounika’s mother was the first convert from her idolatrous family, so she was often criticised and despised by her relatives.  Thankfully, she persevered, and the following 10 years of campus life have molded Mounika and Raju immeasurably. They passed 10th grade with good scores, and were considered eligible for higher studies at a good school. However, they still consider that their greatest achievement in life was finding Jesus at Riverside School.
Please pray for Raju, Mounika and their parents.