Sylas Vinny is a model student in seventh grade. His dad, William, works as a receptionist in the hospital on campus, and those communication skills rubbed off on Sylas Vinny. His presence in the classroom is a positive one and his study habits are the best in the class. But his social presence is even better.

     Sylas Vinny models what it means to live out the Gospel. One day, a bully knocked Sylas Vinny down and sat on him, but he didn’t fight back. His gentleness is a good example to all his peers. He modeled perseverance when he fell sick but didn’t fall behind in school or complain at all. He says, “I met God through prayer and my favorite thing to do is to read the Bible.” His gentle demeanor will serve him well as he pursues his dream of becoming a missionary in the nearby region of Chennai, where he wants to “heal the people.”

Please pray for Sylas Vinny to uphold his good habits and his devotion to Christ.