Moajesh is a new student in Lower Kindergarten. As the smallest boy in the class, he cries almost every day. As soon as the morning assembly ends, he can be seen collecting his backpack and charging for the door, screaming for his mom. His teacher and teacher’s assistant have gotten good at comforting Moajesh, who they lovingly call “Mosha.”

 As Moajesh learns more about what school is like, he is slowly making some friends. He and his classmates will walk from the bathroom to the class with hands intertwined in brotherhood. After all, they have laughed together, cried together, and overcome the struggles of learning the alphabet together.

Please pray for Moajesh as he grows and learns this year in Lower Kindergarten. Please pray that he will learn English well and excel in school, and that the Riverside teachers will have the joy of teaching him for all his subsequent school years.