This morning, Natalie gave an amazing devotional where she talked about how God redeems everybody and everything. She talked about how she has seen God’s redeeming work in tough life situations and with family members. We were all impressed with her delivery and willingness to share with us.

The rest of the morning was spent doing an inventory of the school. As a team, we went through each classroom and room of the school building and took stock of everything in them. We’ve grown as a team so much that we were able to work quickly together and finished it in time for a discussion/debrief about Hinduism and how we felt about going to a Hindu temple as a team yesterday.

This afternoon the Simpson team and the APU team were invited to visit Kim’s Hospital. This is one of the largest medical schools and hospitals in the area. We had a lovely hour-long ride with blasting cold AC to get to the hospital. Halfway there, it started storming; lightning, thunder, and crazy motorbike drivers everywhere. We arrived to the hospital see our pictures on a huge sign in front of the hospital, we were taken inside to meet the dean of the nursing school. The dean treated us to snacks, and mango juice. We then went into a very fancy lecture hall where all the nurses were waiting to hear a lecture with us. After a lecture from Chairman Darwin on Open Innovation we heard from a Kim’s Hospital professor about rural nursing in India. The Simpson team and Indian nurses then had a competition asking each other nursing questions. It was a great afternoon of intercultural learning.

Now, after a long, productive day, we are looking forward to a day of rest tomorrow, before the school here starts on Monday.


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Much love,


Leo, Katie, and the Team.