Legacy. What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see-Lin-Manuel Miranda

I wonder if Subbamma ever contemplated about how her tiny school in a mud hut would develop into a large campus that gathers people from around the world to help fulfill her legacy in Mori. It is honestly such a privilege to hear about the growth of the Riverside School campus along with the hospital.  How God used her and her grandson Solomon to create this place.  Subbamma never got to see the end result from all her hard work and dedication but the Lord did.  The work that He has done here is still not finished. However, some of those who have had their roles to play in the legacy, whether they are big or small, their time comes to an end.

This afternoon, our teams and the Riverside staff had to say goodbye Joice, the wonderful principal who has helped to maintain the school grounds over the last ten years or so. Truly a wonderful sacrificial servant and kingdom builder, Joice did all that she could, day in and day out to keep this school together and her testimony is truly incredible to hear. Although she is leaving, she has created her own legacy. Despite how sad goodbyes are, we are able to find joy in the promise God gives in all times of departing because He goes with us and even before us, so that we do not have to go through life alone. Now Sailo, one of the Project India Staff members will take her place and the teams, the staff, and others, are excited to see how the Lord will work in his life and how this new legacy of new leadership will grow.

Although change happens and it’s time to say goodbye, even when we don’t want to, the best thing we can do as followers of Christ is to trust in Him and know that His ways are not ours. No matter what happens in the tides of life, God is always in control and He knows that plan he has for our lives.

With love,