We have only been in Mori for three days, but already we have met amazing staff and faculty at the school and hospital here. The staff who work here have all been incredibly generous with their hospitality. They have thrown in extra hours, and taken extra sacrifices than the ones they already make to insure that the team’s stay here is a pleasant one. One of the reasons for this is the leadership that is here. Some people are impossible to describe. They have a certain way about them, a force so to speak, that is beyond words. However, those things, those people, who cannot be put into words, are what make life beautiful and show Christ to His fullest. Here is my most sincere attempt at describing two women—Martha and Joice—who live stories that simply cannot be given justice over a few words on a blog. Here’s a little bit about their stories which are making a difference in our lives.   I think what makes Martha and Joice stand out over all others is that they live with complete dedication. They have heeded the call of Christ and are not looking back. They say that teamwork makes the dream work, but you cannot have a coherent team without good leadership.

10491221_10202385515027387_4231038721970516098_n Martha is fearless. She stands with the authority that she has earned through a life full of difficulty. As a woman who has seen the brunt of life, she stands ever firm in Christ’s abiding grace. Her tireless work begins as the sun rises in the morning and does not finish until hours after the sun has set. Without Martha, workers would not finish their work (or really even start it), electricity and water would not run, the grounds would be in chaos, our food would not be made, bills paid, or any sort of necessity taken care of. Honestly, the work Martha does has no bounds, no guideline. She does anything and everything, literally. I have yet to see her rest even as she raises Dolly and Isaac amidst all of her other duties with the love and protection of a lion protecting her cubs. Even as I write these words, I am struck by how cliché and empty they sound. To fully know the power of Martha, I would encourage you to try to navigate living in India without her. Seriously. I thank God daily for the work that Martha does. She is like a sister to me: unafraid to call out my faults, tease my insecurities, and protect me like her own blood. Joice is tenacious. Affectionately called Rejoice, the nickname suits her well. I think I can count on my hands the amount of times I have interacted with Joice without having her smile light up our space. Even after her endless hours of work—hiring and organizing teachers, bargaining tuition for new students, dealing with parents and students, and running interference between the government and the school—she smiles. Her joy has to come from Christ, as it is otherworldly. She the glue that holds the school together, even in her many physical frailties. This school would not run without Joice’s gentle, patient, and consistent hand. Her love for this place and this ministry endures despite hardship. She is the perfect picture of the good and faithful servant. Both of these women lead with strength, grace, love, and immense dedication. This organization would be lost without them—we would be lost without them. There are no words that can accurately describe just how these women do what they do, how they are who they are, why they impact this place in the way that they do. We, as dependent followers, seek to learn from these leader’s examples as each day they serve with more dedication and passion than the day before. Learning in eagerness, Leo, Katie, and the Team