Dear Potential Sponsor,

It’s our pleasure to share the heart-touching life experience of Prem Kiwin, 9th grade student. He is youngest son to his mother, and really, Prem is someone different altogether as he is not at all interested in any kind of entertainment but only home affairs. Prem Kiwin’s mother is semi-paralyzed and has been bed-ridden for the last few years. His whole family has therefore struggled very much. This 13 years boy takes care of his physically-challenged mother since his two elder brothers, graduates of Riverside, are studying far from home and their father is working in Saudi Arabia. These three brothers are an amazing example of children’s commitment towards their parents in an otherwise troubled generation.

Due to the long distance between his brothers’ colleges and their home, Prem is supposed to accomplish all of the home affairs including cooking, sweeping rooms, washing dishes and clothes before he leaves to school in the morning everyday. Sometimes he feels bad about these struggles in his life that his colleagues don’t have. But, he loves his mother very much and sees his service to her as a divine position. By seeing all of her children’s pain and risk on her behalf, she cries bitterly and prays for her loving children very sincerely.

A teacher who knows Prem Kiwin well says: “The struggles in Prem’s life make him and mold him to become more submissive day by day. I hope Prem Kiwin and his brothers shall be prosperous in their life and their mother shall see them being blessed.”

Please pray for Prem Kiwin and his family.