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Today was another full, industrious, yet beautifully blessed day in Mori, India. It began by waking up to misty air as the night rains were coming to an end. Each day in India, I wake up full of joy and bliss as I take in all of the wonder of this beautiful country on the opposite side of the globe that feels like home. After our team indulged in another delicious breakfast from our talented cooking staff, we made our way to Riverside School where we met with various staff members and volunteers for our morning gathering. We were led in worship by Annela and our time of praise and worship was followed with devotion by Brandi, who spoke to us on the importance of living to please God rather than man.

The latter portion of our morning had an assiduous start as we re-stocked our medical supplies to prepare for another busy day of service. As we journeyed to our first destination, I gazed out the windows of the bus and took in all the beauty of our surroundings. I noticed perfectly painted skies, vibrant green vegetation, animals roaming the land and countless Indian people laboring hard outside. As we arrived to our destination, I was humbled once again as I observed the living conditions that are the daily reality to the people here. We arrived in an extremely impoverished village, the slums of Anthervedi Palem, where a local family allowed us to conduct a medical camp in front of their house; I had never seen anything like this place. Sick and wounded children began gathering around us in swarms, followed by few parents. As word spread through the village that our team had come to serve and provide healthcare that some of these people had never received before, increasing numbers began to gather from near and far. Our outreach was introduced by Pastor Gerry and Pastor Shalem as they partnered together to share with the locals why we had come to serve them and why we have a deep desire to care for those who we have never met. The explanation for this is that the Lord called us here and we responded in obedience. We explained to them that we are followers of Jesus Christ and because of our great love for Him, we also are called and stirred with a passion to go into the unreached places of all nations and share the Gospel with the lost, so that they too can know and receive the great gift of a Savior who loves us unconditionally beyond measure.

Following this most essential and important portion of our outreach, our team of nurses worked with the dentist, pharmacist, nurses and translators from Subbamma Christian Hospital to quickly and efficiently tend to the needs of the people. We did so by forming assessment lines and treatment lines. We passed out medications, treated symptoms, performed wound care and passed out the Gospel message in Telugu, their native language. Throughout the first portion of our day we utilized compassion and delivered loving care as we served approximately 200 people in only three hours, the majority of them being children. Shortly after one medical outreach had ended, we journeyed to another village in the area of V. Merika where we were once again invited to provide healthcare services in front of a local home. This time we were joined by Doctor Raju from Subbamma Christian Hospital and once again, we collectively used our skills and resources to provide the best care we could for dozens of sick people.

Today was an extremely humbling experience. I speak on behalf of the entire Simpson team when I say we are beyond grateful to have the opportunity to serve the unreached people of India. We focus our ministry not only on the physical person, but more importantly, the spiritual person. What a joy and honor it is to engage in Kingdom work and be in the center of God’s Will. I am so proud of our team for stepping up and constantly serving with humble hearts and joyful attitudes. This team is full of servants for the Lord whose deepest desire is to see the lost come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. It is incredible that God can use people like us to participate in furthering His Kingdom. My heart breaks more and more for the people of this country each day and each day I am filled with more love and compassion for the Indian people. Our trip has only just begun and we have already seen God work in miraculous ways. I am delighted to be a part of this ministry and I am excited to see how the Lord works in and through us on the remainder of our trip!

God bless,


Isaiah 6:8 “Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, here am I; send me.”