Tekisettipalem is a small village in our Malikipuram mandal. Mahima, who is studying in 5th grade, belongs to this beautiful village. Many of her neighbors give great importance to festivals and celebrations, but it is thankfully a place where we can find religious harmony.

This last December, just like farmers wait  for harvest, all of the village Christians were waiting to Christmas to come. However, there was an unexpected sadness because Christmas day was full 0f rain. It was so heavy that no one could come out of their home and no one thought that there could be a Christmas celebration! But Mahima’s heart was ablazed suddenly with a message which she had heard in Bible class at school: “Prayer changes the situations and makes everything possible”. Joined by a few of her friends, Mahima started to ask Jesus in prayer to stop the rain so that her village could fully enjoy Christmas. Suddenly there was a big silence! Yes, Jesus’ power over nature was displayed right then and there. Everyone started shouting, “Jesus stopped the rain!” and offered praises and thanks to the Lord. Mahima celebrated the Christmas with her household and friends.

Please pray for Mahima so that she would learn to trust in Jesus and His power even more.