Jesus set me free

“Jesus set me free”

Shiva is a 4th grade student and belongs to Jami, the caste of fishermen. His parents were strong Hindu devotees before he joined Riverside school. Shiva is named after one of  Hindu gods shiva. But now Shiva loves Jesus so much. To express his gratitude and affection towards Jesus, he wrote Jesus’ Name on a fresh note book 5000 times!
Shiva was a demon- possessed boy when he joined Riverside school. All the teachers prayed for him sincerely at every teachers’ devotion and in their personal prayers. By  the exceeding grace of God, Shiva was miraculously delivered  from the bondage of the evil spirit.  Now our Jami Shiva is one of Christ’s disciples and one of the best students in the class. Still, Shiva is under the prayer surveillance of the teachers.
Shiva’s life becomes a motivation to other Christian and non-Christian students to live for Jesus. He challenges and draws them to Christ’s Love. He is so passionate about his tribe and caste that they may come to the knowledge of Christ. Sometimes he is so funny, saying “I like some of Jesus’ Disciples because they were just like my father, fishermen!”
Please pray for Jami Shiva to be fruitful for the expansion of God’s Kingdom!