Isaac is studying in 5th grade and has been selected as a class leader every term.He is a little boy with many talents, such as singing, dancing, studying God’s word by heart, and running. He has been staying in the Riverside Hostel since he was just an infant. Isaac described his experiences like this:
“When I was a very little boy my parents left me alone and departed to Heaven. Since I came to know the fact gradually, I often cried a lot in secret. As I started my education at Riverside school, though, I came to the confirmation that Jesus loves me more than a father and mother. Jesus was silently watching me, lovingly keeping and nourishing me. I didn’t know that before. Through the Bible studies in the school and the hostel I am just being drawn near to my Savior’s side.”
Please pray for Isaac. He in the care of  an aged adopted mother. He wants to be an Engineer in the future so that he can help many orphans in India.