On the surface Anushka seems like the average sixth grader, but she actually has extraordinary dreams for being so young. As the daughter of a housewife mom and a businessman dad, Anushka could easily fall into a privileged mindset. However, Anushka’s heart for people is inspirational. She says, “I want to become a collector so that I can build big things for the poor people in villages. They have no water and no food and no shelter. God inspired me to care for those people.”

     Her deep faith in Christ began when she and her family moved from Mumbai to Andhra Pradesh and their driver fell asleep at the wheel. Her dad was in the front seat and managed to grab the wheel and steer them to safety and he yelled for the driver to wake up. “God helped us. In so many things God has helped us” Anushka says of the event.

     Certainly, Anushka’s skills in English and her confidence as a communicator will help her to become a good servant leader wherever life takes her. Please pray that her passion for the poor will continue to grow and that the Lord would use her in big ways.