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At dawn of Tuesday morning, we awoke and left Mori, India, many of us with tears in our eyes as we said goodbye to our new friends who had become like family to us. We had heavy hearts as we left because our time had come and passed much too quickly, and figuratively speaking, we were leaving part of our hearts behind in Mori. Together, the Simpson team, the Azusa team, Solomon and Joyce joined each other and began our departure to Hyderabad. We began with a three hour bus ride through the scenic villages we had grown so fond of, and shortly arrived at the Rajahmundry airport, where we had seemingly landed just days prior. From here, we loaded on a small airplane and journeyed to Hyderabad, India for a short unified debrief to end our journey and bring closure to our time together.

Once in Hyderabad, our time did anything but slow down as our rapid day and a half there was packed full of adventure, fellowship and reminiscing. After settling into our hotel, we were treated to the wonderful experience of a guided tour at the King’s Palace and were joined by our new friend Vissa, son of Apollo Hospital’s Chief Operating Officer. It was a royal experience to be welcomed into this breathtaking palace and treated to tea and succulent delicacies before our tour. The palace was magnificent in size and adornment and was an impressive attraction for both teams to see.

On Tuesday evening we were privileged to experience the life and agility of Hyderabad as we joined together and emerged ourselves into the populous and busy city streets to explore the markets. Walking through the streets was an indescribable and exciting experience. We took in every sight, smell and sound as we cheerfully experienced one of our last experiences in India as a team.

On Wednesday, we awoke early and started off the day with a delicious buffet breakfast, followed by our closing, morning debrief. The Simpson team and the Azusa team met first separately and then collectively to share with each other about our personal experiences in India. We shared our exhalations and challenges of the trip, what the Lord taught us about both our character and His, what our biggest takeaways from the trip were and how returning to our lives will look different after this experience. It was a profound and unique experience for us to share our hearts with one another and hear of all the wonderful ways the Lord had worked in our lives these past couple weeks.

Succeeding our debrief, Mr. Subramanyam, COO of Apollo Hospital, kindly welcomed us to Hyderabad’s Apollo Hospital for a presentation and tour that would conclude our trip. As both teams entered the hospital, we were in awe at its vastness. Immediately, we were welcomed into a conference room where the intelligent and lovely Sangita Reddy, the Managing Director of Apollo (daughter of Apollo’s founder and chairman, Dr. Reddy) shared some of the hospital’s history with us. She shared with us how it was founded by her father and she explained how it has quickly emerged into one of the biggest hospital chains, with features such as developing services in telemedicine and much more. After hearing from Ms. Sangita, Mr. Subramanyam shared a presentation with our teams as we delighted in a delectable lunch prepared by the hospital’s kitchen staff. Today, Apollo Hospitals have risen to be on par with the best in the world, in terms of technical expertise, deliverables and outcomes. It has now evolved into a one of a kind institution, offering a large variety of specialties and super-specialties covering the entire spectrum of healthcare. Overall, my entire team was impressed by Apollo Hospital and was thankful for their welcoming spirits and the opportunity they gave us to explore and learn about their facilities.

After leaving the hospital, our stay in India came to a quick end as we said goodbye to our new friends and the country that we all grew to love so quickly. We made our way to the Hyderabad airport and after many flights and layovers, arrived safely home after two days of travel. As we adjust back to home and return to our previous lives, we continue to reflect on our wonderful experience in India and we praise the Lord for the many great things He has done. Collectively, we could not be more grateful for this life changing opportunity that we were blessed to share together. Together we grew, learned how to better love and serve with joyful hearts, saw the glory of the Lord revealed, made unforgettable memories and were impacted in a way that will last a lifetime.

Thanks to everyone who had been following our experiences in India through our daily blogs and slideshows; we ask that you continue to pray for our brothers and sisters serving there, for the Lord’s blessings and provision over their ministry. Rather than saying goodbye to India, we say “see you later” for we hope and pray to soon return.