Dear Sponsor,
During a Bible study hour the Bible teacher asked the 6th grade class what they want to be in the future. The students had various dreams, to become doctors, nurses and IT professionals. After a minute, there was a quiet voice from a corner of the classroom that said, “I want to become a missionary in India.” It was Sylas Vinny, whose father, William is working as the receptionist at Subbamma Christian hospital.
Sylas’s parents are very pious and highly dedicated to serve the Lord with whatever they have. He was inspired by their life. He has a prayer request to become a software engineer so that he can be self- sufficient on his mission. He deeply feels the pain of people who are perishing in their sins and alienated from God’s presence and blessings. Sylas wants to do something worthy to extend the territory of God’s Kingdom in the world. Ultimately he wants to help others.
Please pray for Sylas Vinny so that he will be a dedicated missionary to add many souls to God’s Kingdom.