Two days of traveling and we are back in the US. Somehow, even with all our travels to and from India, we managed without a single hiccup. God has been good to us, and the past few days although a blur have been beneficial. As a team we started discussing what coming back home looks like. Some questions we asked were:

What have we taken away from our time in Mori?

How are we going to re-adjust to the U.S. and to home?

How are we going to describe our experiences to others?

How have we grown?

How have we seen Jesus move through us and around us?

We have had some good answers already, but these questions take time to answer and many of us will be struggling to answer them for a while into the future. So, to friends and family, we ask, be gentle with the questions. India is a hard trip to explain and describe. Bear with us as we struggle to understand and communicate what we experienced.

Overall, debrief was a great time with the team, and with the Simpson team also. We visited Taj Falaknuma Palace, and had high tea there. We stayed in a very nice hotel (with a fantastic indian buffet). We visited Hyderabad city center and market, with our great tour guide Visa. We also had a tour of the world class Apollo Hospital in Hyderabad and a delicious lunch and presentation from them.

Thank you everyone for following our blog and our adventures. Also, thank you for all the support along the way!


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Until next time,

Leo, Katie, and the Team.