Jyothi’s life has been anything but easy. She has a hard work ethic, like her mom, who is a housemaid in the city of Hyderabad. A few years ago, Jyothi’s father fell ill. He told the family that he had a bad case of Tuberculosis, and Jyothi was holding onto hope that he would recover. As his condition worsened, the truth was revealed: he actually was an AIDS patient too ashamed to tell his family what was plaguing his body.

     Even in the midst of hopelessness, Jyothi kept up with her studies. Ms. Indira was especially sensitive to Jyothi’s needs. She knew that Jyothi was suffering from separation from her mother and her sick father, struggling to be happy in the care of her grandmother. Finding out that Jyothi’s grandma was sick as well broke Ms. Indira’s heart for her student.

     One day, she made a bold move to give Jyothi, a Hindu, a Bible. She told her that she can find comfort in its pages. She explained that God can bear burdens too heavy to carry on this earth.

     In March, Jyothi’s father passed away. Ms. Indira continues to pray for her student and says, “I was happy to minister to her because it is the job of a teacher to mold a child.”

     Please pray for Jyothi’s faith in Christ to continue to grow. Please pray that she will accept the Lord as her savior and that she will find comfort in the midst of her struggles. Please pray that Jyothi, her little brother, her mother, and grandmother will be in good health.