Hello! My name is Miranda Nydam. I have recently graduated Simpson University with my bachelor’s degree in nursing. I am currently on a medical mission trip in India with 11 other Simpson nursing students in all different semesters of the nursing program.

Today was our first medical camp. We had a little idea of what to expect, but we were also told to expect the unexpected. After setting up, we were able to see patients; do their vital signs, assess them, do blood glucose checks, and give them medications. Most importantly we were able to pray with patients who wanted to pray with them, and give them a paper explaining the gospel in their own language. It was such a joy to see how my team all jumped in and helped even though they were feeling a bit nervous.

I prayed with one woman, and she was so grateful that she kissed my folded hands, and told me about how she was a Christian. It was such a blessing to see how she appreciated prayer as much as the medical treatment. I am so grateful and privileged to be able to provide care for the people of India along with my awesome teammates. Thank you for your continued prayer and support. We look forward to sharing more!