Jyothika is an especially sensitive girl in ninth class who came a long way to find happiness at Riverside. Growing up without a dad made Jyothika the subject of bullying in the many schools she attended previously. “The kids used to say, ‘you don’t have a dad. Nobody loves you.’,” she confesses. Her and her younger sister, who is in fourth grade, struggled to find peace with their situation while they attended government schools.

    Social life was so hard for Jyothika to manage in her government school days that she didn’t even finish 8th grade and instead joined Riverside the following year as her last chance to find acceptance. In the beginning, Jyothika used to cry and scream in class. She couldn’t manage her emotions at all. But soon, she met amazing friends that helped her to realize that she is loved for who she is. She sits between her two best friends, Sirisha and Swarna, in class everyday. She is now studying well and is happier than ever, saying that the faith of her friends strengthened her own faith in God.

    Jyothika is looking forward to the rest of her time at Riverside and said, “I am so sad when I think ‘why did I not join in LKG!? I missed a lot of enjoying here.’” She plans to go on from Riverside to work a small job and care for her family.

    Please pray for Jyothika to finish her time at Riverside well. Please pray a blessing over her friendships and her family.