Over a century ago, a missionary by the name of Charles Whitehouse, at the age of 18, moved to India. Although he left the love of his life back home in England, he spent the rest of his days sharing the love of Christ to the people in Mori. Whitehouse educated and lived among the untouchables in this area. He preached among them, even saving Subbamma (Chairman Sir’s Grandmother) from committing suicide. He told Subbamma about the hope that she had in Jesus, and from there Subbamma started a legacy for the Kingdom. She started numerous businesses, educated many people, and lived out the love of Jesus Christ. Subbamma’s life and dedication to Christ’s mission led to her grandson, S. Darwin, starting the ministry of Riverside School, Subbamma Christian Hospital, and Project India. Whitehouse sacrificed much to share the love of Christ, and now, three generations later, the fruits of his work are flourishing and bountiful.
We visited Whitehouse’s church and grave this morning. It was an awe-inspiring moment, tracing God’s work from one man over a hundred years ago to our presence in India continuing His work. Hearing Whitehouse’s story and seeing where he lived most of his life was an amazing testimony to God’s enduring faithfulness.
All of this led to Solomon honoring the APU and Simpson teams, and the staff of Riverside School by taking us to Dindi Resort near the Godavari River, where we stopped and had snacks and tea. It was a beautiful morning. We filled the afternoon with finishing classroom decorations in the school. Tomorrow, we will join the teachers in canvassing the surrounding area and finally making it to the temple and Bay of Bengal.
The day has been a warm one, but beautiful and inspiring.
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Soaking up the heat,
Leo, Katie and the Team