Please join us in prayer
1. Jyothi is a 7th grade student. Her  parents are on the edge of divorce because Jyothi’s father is a T.B. patient. The family spent a huge amount on treatment but to no avail. Jyothi requests your valuable prayers for her parents. She wants her father to be healed and for her family to live together in love and peace.
2. Sunny, studying in 10th grade, is a silent presence in the class. One day his class teacher made an attempt to know the cause for his extreme silence. The result was so sad! Sunny’s parents live separately in two different places. His mother is also bed-ridden due to a severe disease. Sunny wants to be with them both, but they do not like each other. He needs your valuable prayers primarily for his mother’s complete healing and for the restoration of his family.
3. Siddhartha Roy’s mother was admitted in the hospital due to severe chest pain. She was in a dangerous condition and barely alive. Graciously, our God delivered her from the shadow of death. She is gradually recovering now. She needs your prayers.
4. Rahul’s mother underwent a surgery for cyst in her womb. She is in the hospital now. She also needs your prayers.
We believe that God can heal these bodies and these relationships. Please join us in boldly asking Him to do so.