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Today, our team experienced our first worship service here in Mori. The service was held inside the hospital’s chapel onsite with the American team, the Riverside staff, two visiting interns (A Muslim and a Hindu), and some friends of Pastor John’s. The service began with worship. As a group, we sang You Are My All in All, which set the tone for the whole service. The lyrics reminded us to put an emphasis on the fact that Jesus is the Lamb of God—that He is the only one worthy of our praise. After worship, we were graciously invited to share our own experiences in India, the reason why we decided to come to India, and how God is moving in and through us. All of our stories shared a distinct commonality: a call from God and a humbled yes in response. Pastor Gerry’s sermon outlined and expounded on the importance of this process—of God’s invitation and our response. Pastor Gerry talked about the importance of this invitation into faith. Many of us felt that God was inviting us to do his work through many different avenues. One of the team members was invited by a team leader to come on this mission, one was a student in Matt Sanders’ class, and others just felt God calling us to live a wilder story for his kingdom. However we got here, it is clear that God calls us in his love to do his work, and we are to respond with an immediate yes. As Pastor Gerry spoke, this is how Jesus called His disciples in Matthew 4.
Riverside school has enabled many to follow the same pattern. Two students of Riverside School spoke of how the school made way for God to do great things in their lives. One was even brought to tears as she shared about the generosity of Riverside School in making a home for her, her brother, and her mother—even paying for their tuition—and how Riverside has opened doors for her to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor. Their inspiring stories of how the school has impacted their lives and the lives of local children showed us how this ministry has been impacting lives even before we became involved. Suddenly, the burden of travel and jetlag disappeared, as we were all we reminded about why we came to India—to serve God as he moves in this place. Solomon also shared a testimony of his own response to God. His moving story reminded us all of the transformative power of God. God was able to take an uneducated teenager and create a professor who teaches at prestigious universities who began an amazing ministry from the ground up that is now impacting generation upon generation of students.
The remainder of our day was spent worshipping God though his wonderful design of Sabbath. Taking a day to rest in the Lord’s love for us, we had the opportunity to rest, play, and the love one another well, while Pastors Gerry and Kay, and Carly explored the market. Tomorrow, we begin our first day of VBS. Check back tomorrow for an update on how it went!
Saying yes to God’s movement in our lives,
Leo, Katie, and the Team