Jeremiah means exalted of the Lord, but for a time in his early life, little Jeremiah of Lower Kindergarten was brought very low. After experiencing the voice of God telling him to name the baby Jeremiah, Riverside Campus Pastor John Prakash thought his son would be lifted high from the very start. Unfortunately, Jeremiah fell ill with a blood infection immediately after birth. He was suffering and bleeding for 15 days.

     Pastor John spent three days straight praying for the Lord to save his newborn. When he grew emotionally and spiritually weak, the strength of his wife’s faith pulled him through. Together they begged God for a miracle. After 2-weeks, Jeremiah stopped bleeding and began gaining his health back.

     Since then, Jeremiah has been living up to his name as being exalted of the Lord by advancing in his achievements at an early age. It was hard to believe that the same baby that was at the verge of death was already riding a bicycle at the age of one. The adventurous little boy took more interest in people than in toys, and is now a personable member of the lower kindergarten class.

     While many of the kindergarten students come to class crying everyday, Jeremiah is a cheerful presence who is never seen without a smile. Most importantly, Jeremiah loves to pray and is very attentive to the needs of those around him.

     Please pray for little Jeremiah and for his continued spiritual growth. Please pray for the lessons he learns in kindergarten here at Riverside.