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We serve such an amazing and wonderful God! Today we had our very first day of medical camps and as a result there was a lot of excitement and nervousness that was going through each one of us as we were traveling to our destination. Our excitement arose, not only because we came to India as nursing students in hopes to make an impact for God by using our skills, but also because we believe that God has sent us here to serve Him.

Before coming to India, both the Simpson University team and the Azusa Pacific University team asked for donations for medical supplies and as a result, God blessed us tremendously and graciously with suitcases upon suitcases filled with medicine and medical supplies.  These are valuable donations we will give to the hospital. Our team was also nervous because there is only so much that we are able to plan and organize. Even if we try to plan everything out, there are things that we did not know; such as, what will the atmosphere of the camps look like? Who will show up? What symptoms will people have? However, as we were closing in on our destination, we were able to see a crowd of people waiting for us from afar, looking for temporary physical healing.

Seeing that people needed our services was great; although, another part we really enjoyed was our interactions with the Indian people, who are the most kind and hospitable people we have ever met. We had the mentality to go and serve them except they have served us and have touched our hearts tremendously.

With all of these wonderful things that took place, our very favorite part of the day was the opportunity to share with these people who we are and why we traveled across the globe to mobilize these medical camps. We respond by simply stating, “we are here only because of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”  What a joy this was!

Our team was able to pass out handouts with the Gospel in their language, Telugu, so that they can have a copy of the Gospel, the GOOD NEWS to read. By the end of the camps we heard that twelve families voiced that they would love to send their children to attend Riverside Residential School here in Mori! What great news! Medicine is only temporary but God’s Word heals souls for eternity.