Dear potential sponsor,

Esther is a cute and smart girl from 3rd grade. She loves songs very much. She is always looking very excited. Esther was born in a poor family seven years ago, but her parents and relatives were not ready to accept her because she was a premature baby girl. Girls were counted as the curse of society, so Esther was left behind in the hospital.

The cry of the newborn baby shook the heart of Miss Martha, the maintenance manager at PICT. She adopted the unhealthy girl baby and named her Esther. Miss Martha has dedicated her life completely to Esther and she is bringing her up as her own child.

Now Esther is so happy with her mom, not knowing about her birth-mother. Please pray for Esther, since she is still taking lots of medication for her childhood seizures. She is lucky to have a mother who loves her so deeply and sacrifices what little income she has to make sure Esther gets the right medical care.