Gowri is a model student in the sixth class. Her voice is soft and her presence unassuming, yet she manages to please her teachers and help her peers in many ways. She governs the class by modeling good behavior and by holding her classmates accountable to high standards.

It takes a special person to be responsible for the success of the whole group, and Gowri gains those skills from her own self-discipline. She excelled in Bible class and was able to memorize Psalms 23 perfectly, both reciting it and writing it without a flaw. Her impeccable study skills are a surprise considering that she does all her studying outside in her yard while her rambunctious younger brother plays.

As Hindus, Gowri’s family is very connected to the rituals and festivals of that religion, but Gowri is very interested in Jesus. Her study habits influenced her curiosity about Jesus and she began reading the New Testament, marveling at the miracles of Jesus’ ministry. Gowri is an obedient girl and respects the family religion even though she is unhappy with some of the practices associated with it.

Please pray for Gowri to accept Jesus as her personal Lord and savior. Take a moment to pray for her academic, spiritual, and professional success throughout her life.