Dear  Sponsor,

Oratory is indeed well-practiced art. Deepthi, who is studying in 7th grade at Riverside school, however, believes that Christian oratory is made possible only by God’s grace and not by our own effort. Throughout the year, Deepthi had made many speeches at the morning school assembly. Most recently, she spoke about ‘Christian Morality,’ quoting different verses from the Bible to solidify her points.

She also fond of history, especially the history found in the Bible. She knows the history of Israel very well. She often has questions during Bible class, so she and Pastor John spend time to clarify her doubts. Deepthi has strong support system at home. Her parents are both teachers and play an important role in making her exemplary in all areas of life.

Deepthi loves studying at Riverside School, and even recruited 5 students to enroll at Riverside during this academic year!

Please pray for Deepthi and her bright future.