Tarah gave this morning’s devotion; encouraging us to sit in silence to hear and speak with God so that our relationship might be strengthened. Today was our last day of VBS village outreach and one of our favorite days. Michael’s grandfather was the pastor of the church we served at today. Michael is a past Riverside student who has been helping us with organization and translating for the past three days. He welcomed us into his life here in Mori, which was a blessing for even just a few hours. This church had more than 200 children waiting for VBS. In addition to our normal schedule, Simpson University’s students gave a short lesson on good hygiene and the importance of protecting the bodies that God gives us. It has been a great joy to work alongside the Simpson students—our team is looking forward to knowing one another better by the end of our stay here.
Today, Pastor Gerry and Kay held the final day of the conferences. The morning sessions continued in the separated fashion that the past two days followed, but combined for the afternoon session. This morning, Karly taught on encouragement as the women blessed one another with necklaces that signified different compliments. They left the morning session with an extra necklace to bless a stranger in their respective neighborhoods. The men finished studying their passage in Ephesians focusing on the theme “Walking in a Manner Worthy of Our Call.” Pastor Gerry ended by challenging the pastors to walk in this way through their marriages, families, churches, and communities. They focused on passages of scripture that offer solutions to common struggles they face in their own lives and ministries. The afternoon, combined session consisted of the couples sitting together as Pastor Gerry talked about supporting and praying for one another. Many shared their testimonies about how the conference has impacted them over the last few days. Many of the men spoke as well as a few of the women—a major feat for a highly patriarchal culture. The most powerful moment of this time was when the couples came together to take communion and receive prayer from Pastor Gerry and Kay. This spirit of prayer continued for over an hour. We are blessed to have served such amazing leaders for Christ in this area.
Yesterday, we kindly welcomed the Simpson University Team to our home by hiding all the toilet paper and silverware in the house—telling them that they hand to wash with water and eat with their hands like true Indians. Needless to say, it brought both teams together as we bonded over a good laugh. This afternoon we continues our classroom decorations as Simpson prepared for their time with hospital staff and went into town. Tomorrow, we begin our final of VBS here, at Riverside School.
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Grateful for both silence and relationship,
Leo, Katie, and the team