The Simpson Team woke up this morning to dark skies, which brought thunder, lightning, a downpour of rain, and welcome relief from the heat. After delicious Indian breakfast we took a short walk over to the Subbamma Hospital where we shared in morning devotions. Our very own Truly Vang shared a message out of Matthew 14, and then Dr. S. Darwin shared about his family’s history. He shared how when he was a child he would try to play on the land where the hospital and Riverside Residential School is now located. At the time, the property was a temple to Lord Shiva, a Hindu god, and the people at the temple would drive him out because as an untouchable, he was considered unclean. Solomon’s life work has led to him purchasing the property and building a hospital, and school on the same ground that the temple used to stand. Now the complex is able to bless the same people that used to chase him out.
We had originally planned to teach a health promotion class for local children, but due the heavy rain we had to cancel. Not long after, however, we were invited to a wedding of a local pastor’s daughter. We were so privileged to witness the wedding, in which we felt very welcomed. It was so exciting to hear the upbeat music, to witness the customs of an Indian Christian wedding, and to then celebrate the wedding feast. It is an experience none of us will ever forget!
Finally, after an afternoon of working on our materials for our nursing seminars, we went back to the hospital where Dr. Darwin educated us on the Caste system within India. 15% of people in India are considered Untouchables, or sub-human, but Riverside School’s mission is to reach this group of people who God loves so dearly. We are so grateful to know the truth that in Christ all people are equal and loved by God and the gift of salvation is free to anyone who will believe!
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