Sunny Babu has attended Riverside School since first grade, and has always been a joy and a challenge to his teachers. He is chatty and sociable, but does perfectly in math. He also studies the Bible and thinks deeply about theological issues. He’s only in fourth grade, but Sunny Babu is already curious about the Problem of Evil. He asked Pastor John, “If Jesus died for us and he loves us, why are people still suffering?” Pastor John was able to respond with the good news that Jesus bridges the gap, and that people that come to know Jesus can truly know God and find hope amidst suffering.

    Perhaps Sunny Babu is so aware of the evil in the world because of the pain of separation he feels from his family. Pastor John says, “In Sunny Babu’s kingdom, his father is king.” But Sunny’s perfect image of his father is slowly falling apart.

     Both of Sunny’s parents work abroad in different areas. They’ll each come visit every few months, separately. Sunny awaits the day that the whole family will be together again, though he doesn’t yet know that his parents have split. On some level, Sunny knows that his family will not be reunited. He bravely chooses each day to hold onto his idealized dream of his family.

    Please pray for healing from hurt for Sunny Babu. Please pray that a miracle would bring this broken family back together if it is the Lord’s will.