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Our Standout Teachers

Hear stories about a few of our most faithful and inspiring teachers.

Aneesha Injeti

Upper Kindergarten Teacher

Aneesha Injeti is a young and fresh teacher for the Upper Kindergarten students. For the past 3 years, she has been living her dream of teaching in a Christ Centered institute. Aneesha has her Bachelors of Science, but wanted to follow the Lord’s lead in her career path. She loves kids so much and teaches Sunday School in her church. One day, she saw an ad for Riverside School in the newspaper. She prayed and applied, and Joice hired her right away. Please pray for Aneesha as she continues to faithfully teach her 61 kindergarteners! 

“I became a teacher because I love children, but God took my testimony in a different direction. I came to teach, but instead I learned. In every step of my teaching career, God has been a friend and guide to me. He has used the devotions and prayers at Riverside to strengthen my spirit. In every way, Riverside is the best place in my life.”

Aneesha Injeti

Pushpa Maity

Lower Kindergarten Teacher

Pushpa Maity is a delightful missionary teacher for our 64 Lower Kindergarten students. Coming from Darjeeling, Pushpa felt called to share Christ with children wherever the Lord led her. God has certainly used her in mighty ways at Riverside! Not many teachers can handle so many 4 and 5-year-olds, but Pushpa has a way with children. Pushpa has over 20 years of teaching experience following her TTC degree, and in that time she’s learned of God’s faithfulness. Battling her own health issues and caring for her aging father, Pushpa has managed to lean on the Lord through both triumph and sorrow. For example, Pushpa missed a year of school to battle Typhoid Fever, but she returned to her classroom as soon as she recovered. She never stopped praying for the children while she was sick, and now that she’s back, there is a noticable improvement in the children’s English language skills. The Lower Section wouldn’t be the same without Pushpa’s selfless help. Please pray for her as she continues to follow the Lord’s lead in her classroom!

“I like dealing nicely with the children. I care about them because some are not getting love from their parents, so they can at least get love from me!”

Pushpa Maity

Surya Jyothi Nedunuri

1st Grade Teacher
Surya Jyothi Nedunuri seems to bring the sunshine with her wherever she goes! Hers is always the most joyful and spirited classroom in the school. When students see Surya Jyothi walking toward their class, they get so excited, expecting to learn through music, crafts, and other creative means. The students have good reason to be happy during Surya Jyothi’s class periods, because God has used her in stories of transformation. Last year, one student was struggling in his studies. His dad came and shouted that he would send his child to another school. Surya Jyothi immediately prayed with the family, “Lord, please help this child to study well and succeed.” She worked closely with that student and his parents, and after a few months, he made first rank in his class! Everyone was shocked. 
Earlier in Surya Jyothi’s career, she taught at a Christian school that got bought out by a Hindu chain school. She used to cry when her former sanctuary became filled with Hindu images and she saw her colleagues praying to pictures. She asked the Lord to send her to a place of faith, and soon found Riverside School. Please pray for Surya Jyothi, and her husband, who helps around the campus a lot as a photographer, as they continue to commit themselves to serving faithfully at Riverside School.

“When I came here it was God’s plan. I am so blessed in this place. I love praying and I love how all of the staff takes each other’s prayer requests.”

Surya Jyothi