Riverside School’s Vacation Bible School program is off and running!
This year, we are a small team made up of resident missionaries, Azusa Pacific alum and students, family of Dr. Darwin, and group leaders. Each member is a vital part of the team to share and demonstrate the love of Christ that is here in beautiful Mori.
For the theme of the program, we have landed on the Lordship of Christ in our lives. The message is to focus on prioritizing Jesus in every aspect of life. In order to illustrate this lesson, we’re using the classic story of David and Goliath. Goliath represents those with an absence of Christ and David represents those with an abundance and priority of Christ. The soldiers represent those that may know God, but don’t put God at the center. To tell the story, we have designed a short skit with costumes and audience interaction to engage the kids. We’ve had such a fun time performing and seeing the kids excited and learning about God.
To visually demonstrate the lesson, we designed a craft to show Goliath with Christ (represented by a cross) outside of daily life completely (represented by a circle) with ‘self’ on the throne. David has Christ (cross) on the throne and ‘self’ as lesser priority in the circle. The soldiers have Christ in the circle, but ‘self’ on the throne. The challenge for the kids, then, is to choose to lead David’s example by putting Christ on the throne, therefore emphasizing the Lordship of Christ in life.
We are already seeing kids listening and learning about Jesus, and we’re grateful for the smoothness and ease of the program so far. We are seeing the Lord move in Mori and are excited to continue our programs.