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Jesus says that when one person decides to dedicate their life to him, Heaven will celebrate them. Today, Heaven must have had a huge one for our team and the Riverside teachers.

On our last day of the Teacher’s Conference, we shared communion with all the teachers that participated this week, with prayer by Matt Sanders, Pastors Kay and Gerry, and were given certificates for dedicating ourselves to Christ by Solomon Darwin. It was beautiful and powerful to see people from complete opposite sides of the globe coming together in fellowship to fully commit their lives to Jesus. It was also impactful seeing the different ways we pray or take communion. The women, especially, would take their scarf that hung off their shoulder and place it over their head as they went to take the cup and the bread, keeping it on as they prayed to God. The teachers are incredibly passionate about serving the Lord and it was a privilege to celebrate this time of dedication with them.

Even though the conference lasted for three days, the impact that it made on the teachers was incredible. It is easy to tell that they will be taking everything they have learned and apply to their teaching and their interactions with their students. We look forward to working with them in the next few weeks with our many vacation bible schools and other events at Riverside.