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Earlier this month in the States, my team had the opportunity to attend a service at Arcadia Friends Community Church, led by Pastor Gerry and his wife, Pastor Kay, who would be joining us on our trip to India. It was at this particular service that Pastor Gerry had made an announcement that a woman who had serious health issues, under the care of the hospital, had passed away. Leaving behind her husband and children. Pastor Gerry, after telling us more about this tragedy, asked his congregation to give anything they could to the family. The congregation lifted the family up in prayer, and by the end of service, raised a considerable amount. For our team, it was amazing to see the Lord at work within the church and we prayed alongside them, in hope of reconciliation.

In the weeks since the woman’s passing, many continued to offer their prayers to God and a great effort was made by Sailo to keep communication. Sharing God’s love with the family even though he was met with animosity and anger due to their loss. However, Sailo continued to reach out to the family with love and understanding. As time went on, their hearts were softened by the care and compassion they were receiving in their grief.

We spent today beginning the work we had prepared to do while in India. Our team participated in the Riverside Teacher’s Conference while the Simpson team started their medical clinics in the very village where the woman, who had passed away, lived. Pastor Gerry went with the Simpson team to meet with the family himself, to pray and bestow the gift from his congregation. After reading scripture, their hearts and attitudes had fully changed; so much so, the two eldest sons of the family, offered to work for Riverside School. In addition, twelve families, who witnessed God’s work being done for this family, wanted to have their children attend the school as well.

As it says in Matthew 5:4, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” Even in this deep time of sorrow, the Lord not only blessed this family who had lost a loved one, He also blessed those who prayed, showed compassion, kept communication with the family, and above all, loved them as He had called them to love.