Biblical Womanhood

The women of the Simpson and APU team led three sessions on Biblical Womanhood for the high school girls of Riverside School. Our goal was to teach these young women how to nurture their bodies and their relationship with Jesus. By exploring how Jesus interacted with women in the Bible, we reminded them of their value in Christ. We also discussed feminine health and hygiene–a taboo topic in many cultures. 

It was an answer to prayer to watch these girls open up more as the sessions went along. The students are often shy to ask questions or share their thoughts in a classroom setting, but many girls displayed their curiosity and understanding of the material during small group discussions. Continue to pray that God will inspire them to become confident, graceful, and strong women of Christ! 

Biblical Manhood

Matt and Marvin led seminars on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for the teen boys on Biblical Manhood. Their goal was to give the boys a perspective on what God says Manhood is all about, and specifically on how to treat girls and women. This is our third year in a row of teaching these concepts. 
They emphasized the characteristics of a real man, according to God, and included several skits and games to make the sessions fun and interactive. Along with several of the male Indian teachers, they acted out the story of Joseph, and how he refused to sin with Potiphar’s wife because he wanted more to honor and obey God. Marvin played the part of the wife, and made the skit a big hit. 
They concluded with a Gospel presentation, using a skit to illustrate the story of the judge who takes the place of his son, a convicted criminal. They did a “before and after” survey to ask if the boys understood the Gospel. Only a couple of them could explain it clearly before, but almost all could explain it afterwards. We pray that the Lord worked in their hearts to draw them to Himself!