In India, tenth grade is the last year of studies before students move on to colleges away from home, so the pressure on my students is very extreme. The exams taken at the end of the year determine which school they can matriculate to and are taken very seriously. We often call extra classes for them, even on school holidays, so that they can learn as much as possible. One thing that makes proper studying difficult for many of my students, however, is that many of their parents (one or both) live abroad, trying to earn money for their families. Some have not lived with their children for more than 7 years! Please pray that each of these children will recognize God as their one true father.

For those with both parents at home, life is not guaranteed to be easier. For Raja James, his mother’s continuous trouble with ovarian cysts makes it difficult for him to pay attention in class. When he is able to clear his mind of her struggles, he does very well in class, especially in physics, but the worrying makes him tired. Please pray for her relief and for him to be able to complete his year well. Thank God for children who care so much for their parents!