I am Sanjana Angel and I am studying in 5th class. God has done many miracles in my family. Every day God helped a lot. Once my Father got a heart attack. He had blood pressure and diabetes also, but God saved him. My brother also was sick because of his bronchitis. He suffered a lot. He is better now, but not cured forever. Please pray for my brother.

     One of the most important prayer requests is for my Grandmother. She is suffering from intestine tumor (Carsinoma). In 2010 the doctor said she cannot live, she’ll live only for six months. No medicine, no hope. At that time my mother and my family members prayed to God, me also. We can ask Lord to prolong my Grandmother’s life. The doctor said 6 months, but God has given 6 years like Hezekiah. God listened to my prayers. Now she is alive. Praise the Lord! Now, she has another problem: a blood clot in her brain and she is not feeling well now. Please pray for my Grandmother and my family and my studies.

     Thank you,

     Sanjana Angel