Recruitment Campaign Helps Teachers Reach the Community

The past academic year was a record breaker for Riverside School with more than 500 students enrolled. Teachers have their eyes set on even greater heights for the upcoming year and launched a campaign to get more admissions from more villages. Together with the Headmaster and the resident missionaries, the team set out to villages near and far to hand out pamphlets and personally invite students to join the school. The Riverside family is able to grow over such a distance thanks to the 6 school vans that drive for up to 30 minutes to reach students in remote areas. Many parents were interested to sign up their children for the Christian environment, the opportunity to study in English medium, and the specialty labs (including music, biology, physics, chemistry, and computer technology). The campaign was a success, where approximately 200 new families showed interest in enrolling. An eternal impact was also made as teachers prayed for families and built personal connections through the interactions.

Welcome Annela!

Another team member has answered her God-given calling to join Project India for the next year. Annela Flores, a Certified Music Therapist, has joined the campus after feeling called to serve long-term during her two previous short-term trips to Mori. “God was calling me to return and serve this place through music. I want to use music therapy to bless the community by instilling a passion for music in the students and by mentoring future student leaders,” she says.
Annela started her ministry right away by leading worship at church and by starting a guitar and piano class for students to join over summer vacation. She already has 7 students who are progressing fast. She explains, “I am passionate about the idea that music can be used to bridge connections between people.” She certainly is proving to be a unifier in the campus so far!

Preparing for Summer Outreach

One of the most fruitful times for Project India is every summer when university and pastoral teams visit Mori to host conferences, VBS, and medical camps. The staff on site is busy preparing for Simpson University, who will lend their expertise in 13 medical camps to the poorest villages of East Godavari. “Our team is set to do Kingdom work,” says team advisor Marvin Delgado. The VBS team of alumni from APU and University of the Pacific will host 6 Bible Camps in 6 different churches with the theme of letting Christ sit on the Throne of your Life. Pastors Gerry and Kay Wilson will also host a 3 day pastors and wives conference on campus for more than 40 couples in ministry. The summer environment will be one of great service, fellowship, and personal development for everyone involved. Pray for our upcoming programs!

Another Step Forward for Smart Village

The foundation is still being laid for the Smart Village Project to begin implementing digital technologies in 456 villages. James Sider, founder of Apollo Fusion as part of Googlex, signed an MoU for clean energy technologies with Mr. Mutyala Naidu of A. Nannaya University and Mr. V.S.S. Kumar of Kakinada University. The team and Mr. Sider have been in talks with Mr. Nara Lokesh, the Cabinet Minister of Information Technology for Andhra Pradesh. The potential for this technology to benefit villagers is promising, as S. Darwin illustrated at the MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) presentation where, Mr. Nara Lokesh was also present. MLAs and government officials are all eagerly awaiting implementation of Smart Village aspects, especially such groundbreaking technologies as what Google and Apollo Fusion are offering.

 Classroom Transformations

There’s no question that Riverside School has the best facilities in Mori, but having the best does not stop the team from wanting to reach greater quality each consecutive year. Annually, classrooms undergo decorating and cleaning by summer teams, but this year there is a greater goal in mind. Thanks to classroom sponsorships from our generous monthly donors, we have put together a plan to transform classrooms from an aesthetically chaotic environment to one that is educational, clean, inspirational, Biblically based, and long-lasting. The plan is to install white boards and bulletin boards instead of the black boards and blank space on the walls. The first step was taking down all the tattered decorations and creating a clean slate. Now that that is done, Annela and Carly are working on designing educational banners to be printed on vinyl and installed in the classrooms by the summer team volunteers. It’s an exciting opportunity for transformation.