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Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6 

Answering God’s call for your life is an intimidating decision. Today my team and I went to church at Subbamma Christian Hospital, in a chapel room on campus here. Pastor Gerry, visiting from Arcadia Friends Community Church, preached on Proverbs, using the bible verse above. During his sermon he mentioned the phrase, “walking in the dust of the Rabbi.” He further explained that in order to walk closely to the Rabbi we could get dusty, which means following God’s path for us, is not an easy one.

Today my team went to a Dedication of the new teacher quarters on campus and attended a Changing of the Guard ceremony. The new building teachers may now stay at, will be able to provide a more accessible environment to comfort beneath new fans and improve dialogue among the community with common living areas. During the dedication, Solomon spoke about the changes to the campus over time. Starting with humble beginnings of rice fields and just one small community center, Subbamma, Solomon’s grandmother made a choice to acknowledged God in the same way Pastor Gerry has encouraged us to do. Despite conflicting cultural ideologies, the unpopular choice of being a Christian during Subbamma’s time would bring even more trials into your life. Villagers burned down the community center three times; convicted by society in believing such a low class citizen should never own a house.  Except now, because Subbamma answered her calling, God made her path straight, continuing beyond her life and into her legacy. Riverside School now educates over 400 students, while Subbamma Christian Hospital provides low-cost healthcare to the surrounding area.

During the Changing of the Guard ceremony, the current General Manager, Joice Lazhsan will be leaving Riverside Residential School and Sailo Bongte will be taking her place. So many people spoke of Joice in high regards and through tears. She has lead by example of how a God-honoring person continues to pursue the Lord’s calling in her life. How her God-given passion to teach children helped sustain her through stressful situations. Joice has worked at Riverside for almost 10 years and has impacted her students and faculty for good. Beginning as a stonecutter, she could never have imagined herself becoming a principal of a school like Riverside.

God is always faithful. Even through hardships, His hand is at work. Looking back on all of these amazing stories we wonder how God could ever use us for something so huge. God knows our weakness. He only asks us to humble ourselves and acknowledge Him.