By Annela Flores
Before we started our summer ministry work, Pastor Gerry and Pastor Kay encouraged our teams to bring specific prayer requests to God. This way, we would focus on what we want to happen, and we can clearly see how God answers our prayers. We are so grateful that the Lord has answered many of our prayers so far. One prayer that has been on my heart is that young people here will grow in their faith and become impactful leaders in their homes and communities. We prayed for this many times, and will continue to pray for discipleship of youth.
During one VBS, I had the pleasure of meeting a group of young women who are passionate about serving the Lord. I was amazed at the faith of one young woman, Sunipriya. She is 22 years old, graduated from Riverside, and attends a local college. I asked what her ideal career is, and she said, “What ever I am, wherever I am, I want to serve our Lord Jesus Christ and share his love to everyone every second of my life.”
I asked if Riverside School helped shape her faith, and she said yes. “I went to another Christian school before Riverside,” she said, “but we only learned some Jesus songs during assembly. At Riverside, the moral lessons and the strong values of the teachers helped to shape my faith. The lessons that they taught stayed with me.” 
God is also moving in the way of our youth through a new partnership with Alongsiders. The organization provides training and curriculum for young adults to mentor and disciple younger children in their community. We hope to implement this program within Riverside, and we have connected with local pastors who will be leading this program in their churches. Praise be to God!