Its my pleasure to share something about a little girl in first grade; it’s none other than Stuthi. Sthuthi’s ambition to a good teacher is appreciable because she already started the preparatory process to become a teacher even in her childhood. Mahima, elder sister of Sthuthi also studying in 5th grade  at Riverside says that, “My sister Sthuthi wants to become a teacher because she loves and imitates every teacher who teaches her”.

Study hours at home is Sthuthi’s class time, where she teaches her children. All the materials in the study hall are her students. Sometimes Sthuthi even considers her sister to be her student. Sthuthi gets dressed well just like her teachers dress themselves and she knows by heart every movement of her teachers and imitates them in the study hour at home. This might be the reason that Sthuthi is so intelligent in her studies. She likes her school, teachers and colleagues so much. She is so humble and vigilant. Sthuhti is curious to study the Bible and to memorize verses. She has a special affection for Jesus and His miracles in the Gospels. Sometimes she requests to be taught about it with cartoon clips in the Bible hour and media time.

Please remember Sthuthi in your valuable prayers so that she will become a good teacher who teaches and leads the generations to the knowledge of God the truth. God Bless.