Wednesday was another very warm and beautiful day here in Mori, India! We started the day off with a devotion by Marvin, followed by a lecture on innovation by Dr. Darwin. Right after that, we held our final nursing seminar for students from KIMS Nursing College. We had been expecting another group from the college, but found out upon their arrival that it was the same group from the day before! They enjoyed the seminar so much that they wanted to return for a second round! After the seminar, we joined the KIMS students to take a tour of the beautiful Riverside School and see the work the Azusa Pacific University students had done decorating several classrooms in the school. It was a great time of fun getting to know the students even better!

Later in the afternoon, the Simpson team joined the Azusa Pacific team to go shopping for clothes, souvenirs, and snacks. Between the two teams, we managed to pack out a dress shop and kept them very busy! After a great time of shopping and fellowship, we took a few rickshaws back to the campus. One group even saw a camel along the way!

Now that the nursing seminars are over, we are looking forward to several other opportunities over the coming week to reach out to the people of India, including medical camps and health lectures with local school children.