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Before this day started, Cejae, a member of the Azusa team, had given a wonderful and convicting message about how the Lord has made himself open to everyone, and for that reason, everyone should know about Him. This message was so fitting because we were going to perform another medical camp and the Azusa team was going to lead a vacation bible school. Cejae’s message was definitely a tune-up to our engines to go forth and spread the Gospel today.
The dynamic duo of missions in Mori, Azusa and Simpson, set up shop at a beautiful church today called the GDM church in Adalapalem, another small village not too far from the school.   Upon arrival, we were greeted by the beautiful and smiley faces of the children, whom we could hear cheering and singing from outside the church. As we entered the church, we knew at once that this VBS camp would be a tremendous task, but also a task that Azusa was prepared for and did not fear to see through. While the Azusa team taught and reminded the Indian children about their priceless worth to God, my team and I prepared for the medical camp on the balcony of the second floor of the church. Not very long after we settled down, clients came and were ready to share their health struggles and illnesses with us. All this occurred while the children sang and worshipped the Lord down stairs and which was exhilarating. I have a passion to minister to children and the youth, so I want to really be with the children. It warms my heart to be worshipping alongside them in my language, and them worshipping in Telugu. However, I knew I had a job to do upstairs.
At one point, I remember feeling discouraged as I peeked downstairs to see that the Azusa team was doing a great and wonderful thing: allowing the Lord to use them to bring the children closer to Him. As much as I appreciate my obligations as a nurse and my devotion to the client and healthcare, I felt envious. However, I was reminded of what Steven, my team leader, shared with us in his devotion the other day; indeed, we are all called to certain specialties, but ultimately, it is all for one ministry, the ministry of God. For there is no greater purpose, there is not greater “ministry” and because of this wonderful reminder by the Spirit, I continued my work with more ambition and determination.
Praise the Lord and the work he has done today. To him be the glory, honor, and might, forever.
Truly Yours,
Truly Vang